SOA provides you with operational solutions to navigate the Vietnamese economical, legal, institutional and tax environment. Our services will help you focus entirely on your business.
Portage salarial Source of Asia Vietnam

Local incorporation support:

  • Creation of subsidiary
  • Legal and tax registration of the subsidiary
  • Joint-venture creation

Financial year accounts

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Annual reports prepared by chartered accountants
  • Monthly financial reports ready to be sent to the holding company
  • Administrative and legal management
  • Tax representation & Tax planning

HR Solutions

  • Staff recruitment
  • Employment contract (Establishement of work permit - appropriate visa..)
  • International umbrella services
  • Payroll administration / Management of business expenses


  • Business center
  • Representative office
  • Secretarial services

Logistics and import services:

  • Transportation
  • Customs clearance and registration
  • Storage solutions
  • Billing services



Already offering a full range of incubation services to support the implementation and the development of foreign companies in Vietnam and Myanmar, we decided to deeper our services by providing turnkey recruitment and outplacement solutions to our clients. Our expansion is based on a strategic partnership we signed with OC Prod.
This partnership aims at providing Vietnam and Myanmar with talented people essential to multiple investment projects in the area, let them be within the commodities, infrastructure, industry or services sectors, in interim or for long-term contracts.

Our taylored offer

  • A unique and global platform centralising all the talents profiles you may need
  • Assesment of the candidate to objectively evaluate and and value the skills of the candidate in the professional environment
  • Management of all the administrative procedure ( Expat packages - working permit - resident card - accomodation....)
  • A outplacement of your employee in Geneva or Ho Chi Minh City regarding your needs
OC Prod is the one leading recruitment firm located in Romania. The company has successfully been recruiting talents for international projects for its clients all around the world for 10 years. The company operates via a platform based in Bucharest dedicated to recruitment and international umbrella services. OC Prod has started its international development 1 year ago and is already implemented in Tangier and Ottawa.
With this partnership, OCProd and SOA are proud to launch OCProd Vietnam & Myanmar.
Key Facts in 2014
  • 2400 profiles sourced     
  • 723 recruitments           
  • 45 professions sourced
  • 18% turnover growth     

They trusted OCProd all around the world