WEBINAR Building more resilient Supply Chains: Vietnam's attractiveness explained
04 August 2020
China +1 Strategy”, “the next favoured manufacturing hub”, “the Big Winner of the trade war”... As you can read in the media, Vietnam seems to have emerged as an attractive destination for manufacturers and investors. Many multinational companies (like Google, Microsoft, Samsung or Adidas...) have already decided to establish or relocate production facilities in Vietnam, and the trend is accelerating since the Covid-19 outbreak.
Its integration into numerous European and Asian Free Trade Agreements, coupled with low labor costs and massive investments in infrastructure, enhance the country’s competitiveness and it is no coincidence. More generally speaking, we can affirm that building more resilient supply chains is nowadays a must for industries - and the attractiveness of Vietnam is still in its early stages.
In this webinar, our local experts will explain the reasons for the rising trend and give you keys to understanding why Vietnam can be your best business ally. The webinar will take place on Wednesday, September 9th and will last around one hour. A 30-Minutes Q&A session will follow. Take the chance to exchange with local experts !
Michael CHAN, BW Industrial, Vietnam largest industrial real estate for-rent developer l Industrial parc in Vietnam: the advantages of a ready-build factory
Thierry MERMET, Founder & CEO, Source of Asia, International Business Development expert company l Understanding Vietnam’s competitive advantages: what makes Vietnam the next favoured manufacturing hub?
Jean-Jacques BOUFLET, Vice-president, EuroCham, European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam l EVFTA: How the European Union-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement will broaden the opportunities. 
Romain BERION, Director, IML Containers, Manufacturer of food packaging l Case Study: Feedback on why setting up in Vietnam was a great strategic decision.
In case you cannot participate live, please note that the webinar will be recorded and sent out to participants afterwards.

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