All the resources of a purchasing office to assist you

With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and production, our office has built a wide network of suppliers in Vietnam and beyong, in Southeast Asia and China. We know how to source the materials and products you are looking for, how to follow up and control the production in order to meet your delivery time.

We manage a project from sourcing suppliers to on-site delivery. Whether you want to test the market or you seek a long-term partner to manage all your purchasing operations and logistics in Southeast Asia, our expertise will serve your ambition.

Our Services

Sourcing missions and suppliers research:

  • Identification and assessment of suppliers
  • Assistance in negotiations with vendors
  • Price negotiation

Project development:

  • Materials research
  • Identification of local know-how
  • Creation and design support
  • Fact sheets validation

Production follow-up:

  • Contract negotiation and sampling
  • Placing and tracking order
  • Quality control & Final Inspection


  • Consolidating orderis from different suppliers
  • Clearance & FOB
  • Delivery door to door and installation
“SOA, your supply chain partner in Asia”

We support you throughout every step of your construction project



Construction plans Consultation with our architects – Construction plans proposals
General layout First sketches – Agreement on the general layout
Fit-out Full construction plans
Interior design, lighting Trend and color charts – 3D Simulation – Models
Furniture selection Setting up furniture listing – Price negotiation
Production & Delivery Quality control – Logistics & Delivery