16 July 2020
PRESS RELEASE: SOA has become the official representative of Uzbekistan to promote investment and trade from Vietnam to Uzbekistan

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, July 14th 2020: The Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Indonesia has nominated Source of Asia (SOA) to be the official representative to promote investment and trade from Vietnam to Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan is the largest and fastest growing market in Central Asia with a total area of 448,978 and a 33.5 million population. It’s also one of the most populated countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States with free trade access to vast neighboring potential. In addition, the abundant and diverse natural resources of gold, natural gas, copper and uranium coupled with the recent evolution of tax policy reducing most of states and local taxes represent huge advantages to investors and trade partners.

Demand of consuming goods is growing fast in Vietnam, more and more supply from international market is a necessity. Leveraging on goods (textile such as yarns, fabrics, garments, silk; fresh fruits and vegetables such as beans, processed-canned food, jam, tomatoes, dried, powder, concentrates; fertilizers; leather) and natural resources for which Uzbekistan offers comparative advantages represents a great opportunity to Vietnamese trade partners and investors. Representing Uzbekistan, SOA will be charged to run a promotion campaign in Vietnam in cooperation with the Embassy of Uzbekistan to inform and attract Vietnamese business players on the investment opportunities existing in Uzbekistan.

For more, information please visit: or contact Ly Phan - Uzbekistan Trade and Investment Promotion Representative in Vietnam - - +84 983 205 210