Market entry &
Business development

Your ideal gateway to Vietnam

Founded in 2007, Source of Asia is based in Vietnam. Our team of more than 20 people is specialized in International Business Development in Southeast Asian markets.

Our company is structured around three core activitiesMarket entry and Business development to help you grow your market shares, Incubation services to ease your set up and offer a wide scope of operational services, and Sourcing services to improve your supply chains and manage your purchases.

With our 15-year on-site experience, we built a wide network of experts, suppliers, distributors and high level connections, within both private and public sectors. We are part of several famous international networks and have successfully accompanied more than 300 companies in the past five years.

The perfect hub for ASEAN markets

Vietnam is the ideal base to expand in Southeast Asia thanks to its central location in ASEAN, regional FTA, customs advantages with neighbouring countries and its very competitive setting up costs.

Vietnam will soon reach 100 million people with an average annual GDP growth rate of more than 6% over the past 20 years. It is expected to be the 20th world economy by 2030.

And with its 10 members, ASEAN is on its way to become the 4th economic region in the world with a total market of 600 million people, more than the European Union.

We created Source of Asia more than 10 years ago when we realized how difficult it was for a foreign company to understand and enter these booming markets. And even more challenging to grow and secure its long term development ! Our extensive experience is today our main asset to implement your project in the specific environment of emerging countries. With our comprehensive knowledge and understanding we have mastered four key-factors of success:
  • Accessing and analyzing relevant information - open source as well as confidential source
  • Overcoming the cultural gap to set-up and maintain balanced partnerships
  • Monitoring every step throughout a complex setting up or negotiation project
  • Securing a strong local presence to protect your interests, collect relevant feedbacks and ensure required action plans are implemented successfully
South-East Asia is a complex market but offers many great opportunities, let us help you seize them.